Opt out for sanity

The ability to keep your wits about you when the world has gone topsy-turvy is a very good good thing indeed. One of the ways of “keeping your head” is to avoid unnecessary entanglements. For example: I generally shun click bait news stories and read way more in-depth issue reporting than headlines. However, recently I got sucked into a click bait, culture war issue, that got me to not only read highly biased and emotionally charged commentary disguised as news AND the comments, but to respond to the comments as well. Ugh.

Although the actual reading and responding on the issue was over in a fairly short time the experience left my nerves jangly and my brain feeling short circuited for a day or two. All over an issue that will be forgotten in a week. My correspondence was entirely voluntary. The issue had nothing to do with me and it’s resolution will have nothing to do with me. But, since I got sucked in I got to experience all the negatives, the raised blood pressure, the anxiety, the short circuitedness, and so on that come with life in click bait land. Don’t do it people. Avoid taking the bait and realize that 99% of the time corresponding with people that get you spun up in entirely optional. My advise: opt out.

About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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