Steve King and Destabilization

Connie Schultz did a good job summing up Steve King and the Republican Party’s response to him.

I’m sharing this here because I see King as a destabilizer and when you’re already Living In Tumultous Times the last thing in the world you/we need is a destabilizer causing more tumult.

King, and others like him, bill themselves as traditionalists, as stabilizers. The truth is that the “traditional values” and histories they claim to be upholding are fictions and change is ever-present. Building  your history on a lie, as King has done, makes it impossible to have a degree of control over how things change as you have to respond to the lie you created instead of the reality you live in (fascist Italy and Germany and the Soviet Union are recent examples of this).

Change is a constant, it is ever-present. When people like King, by claims of tradition or traditional values, try to stop change from occurring at all they force change to occur in large, untested, destabilizing jumps. By denying the evolutionary process you get the revolutionary process instead. When the world is already tumultuous, already destabilized, a big glop of untested, revolutionary change is just fuel for the fire (see: the end of Czarist Russia, Iraq post 2003). Also see: punctuated equilibrium.

Tradition and traditional societal values, properly applied, do not stop change. They guide it. They slow the revolution and inject the tried and true into untried tumult. Tradition and traditional societal values are forces of stability that value the real, the true, the functional, and recognize that stable mean slow, not stasis.

I hope that the actions taken against congressman King mark an end to the destabilizations being pushed by the Republican Party. I hope that the Republican’s can return tradition to its proper place as a guide and tool for shaping change and the future. I doubt they will.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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