Pocket Knives

fullsizeoutput_6ba9There’s not that much to say here, but a good pocket knife or three ranks as indispensable kit for living well in tumultuous times.

Right now there seems to be a push towards “tactical” and expensive bespoke knives. A tactic being: an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end, I’m not even sure what a tactical knife is. Maybe it’s a knife that you put a lot of thought into how you’d end up using? As for the bespoke versions: they’re great. But, what we’re looking it here is something that you’d have on you all the time, and if you’re like me, that means you’re going to lose it occasionally or have to give it up at a TSA or federal building checkpoint and losing a $100 knife would suck.

The most expensive knife in the photo above cost about $25 and for day to day use will do you just fine. I tend to go for the more traditional style knives the idea being if they’ve been around forever they must work well. I’ve found the idea proves out with use.

While we’re on the subject, you’re going to want to keep your knife sharpened. I favor the flat style, pocketable sharpeners like the one at the top of the photo from DMT. This style of sharpener typically has two grits and runs $35-50. As for the actual sharpening, there are tons guides to knife sharpening  online, but all you need to do is keep the knife at a consistent shallow angle and give at a few swipes across the sharpener. It’s not rocket science and the goal, as least as far as this blog goes, is to quickly get your knife sharp enough to complete the task at hand.

As with everything, there’s a ton of in-depth info available about knives and sharpening them on the web if you want more info. But, really, if you just grab a $15 knife from Opinel (like the second from the bottom in the photo) and start carting it around and using it you’ll probably be fine. Our great grandparents had pocket knives, did have the web, and they did great.

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A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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