My blog is designed as a quick and dirty guide to living well in tumultuous times. There are very detailed reviews and breakdowns of things like headlamps on a variety of blogs and YouTube channels, please look to them for the gritty details. The truth is out there.

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Whether you’re walking home from the store at night, trying to fix something under the sink, or reading a book while the power’s out and the north winds are howling, being able to see what you’re doing without having to hold onto a flashlight is, pretty much, a must. So get yourself a nice headlamp or two. Nowadays, there’re a ton of options and they don’t have to be all that expensive.

The top light in the photo is a Petzl Actik, which at 350 lumens on bright is bright enough to do just about anything you’d want to do as long as you keep the speed down a little. I’ve used it biking at night as my only light at it worked fine, just remember it’s possible to “out ride” your light if you go screaming down hills. I bought the Actik as it’s USB rechargeable and bright. Also you can pop the battery out while it’s charging and replace it with three AAA’s. I quite like the fact that it’s capable of running on more than one battery and that I can recharge it with the same battery bank I use for my phone.

The light on the bottom is a Black Diamond something. I think there’s a factory somewhere in SE Asia that cranks out volumes of the same light and sticks different branding on the shell and strap depending who they’re doing a run for that week as this light seems to have quite a few similar looking cousins. Anyway… It runs on 2 AA’s and is plenty bright enough for night time strolls though a newly snowed on winter wonderland or anything you might need to do around the house whilst the power is out. That style of headlamp is also super light and small so it’s easy to drop into a bag and have it as a “just in case light.”

Whatever you decide light wise, I do think a good headlamp or two are indispensable pieces of kit for living well in tumultuous times.

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A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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