Hurricane Michael

With the latest news on Global Climate Change spelling out a near certainty of large scale disruptions to normal life and the national debit sitting at around $21,600,000,000,000 we can no longer afford to rebuild areas, like the Florida’s panhandle, that are repeatedly hit  by large storms and will be affected by sea level rise.

It’s time to start mapping areas to be bought out and returned to a natural state as things like King Tides, flooding, landslides, and wildfires destroy them. This doesn’t just effect places like Florida or SoCal, Wisconsin has seen increased flooding  and storm intensity in recent years and we have many smaller towns and villages next to rivers that need to get moved uphill and away from those rivers or just bought out and closed down.

A strategic retreat from low-lying areas that will uproot thousands (millions?) of people and a system of relocalization  is a tough thing to think about, but we’ll be better off starting that process now while we still have the time and resources to do it in a well thought out and orderly manner. If we don’t do it now people will depopulate high risk areas  later on while running for their lives. The first option, while not pretty, is the better option.

About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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