Mediation AKA Roto-Rooter For The Mind

There’s plenty in the news and world today to keep your nerves a bit on the jangly side of things and your flight or flight responses just a little bit on even when they shouldn’t be. When I start to get jangly,  having a hard time concentrating for long periods, and always feeling a little bit “on” one of the tricks I turn to is mediation. Usually, I’m just at home and I don’t use any kind of app or online stuff. I just concentrate on my breathing: breathe in for a slow four count, hold my breath for a four count, and release it on a slow on a four count. Five minutes or so of this in the morning and evening for a couple days in a row usually calms things down and brings my focus back. It would better if I just did it every day, but I’m terrible about doing it regularly. With all the news and hub-bub going on lately I was extra distracted this week, so I did a longer than normal session this morning and it worked like a charm. I’m feeling calm and grounded and my head’s not full of all sorts of nonsense anymore. Ah, much better.


About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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