The nights are getting longer and oil’s headed for $100 a barrel


As gas gets more expensive it makes sense to do some short trips on foot and with the shorter days coming up some of those trips will probably get done in the dark which is, totally, not a problem at all if you invest in a couple good flashlights. Plus, living in America where getting around under your own power isn’t always easy it helps to be able to light your own way sometimes. And, hey, the power goes out sometimes.

Flashlight wise, I seem to have drifted to the brands Thrunite and Streamlight, but there are other makers of similar lights, Fenix and Surefire come to mind. That top light (Streamlight ProTac1L) has logged a ton of use over about 4 years and is still going strong. Well worth the $40 or so that I paid for it and at just over 3 inches long and 2 ounces it’s easy to alway have with you and at 275 lumens it’s plenty bright to help cars see you and for you to see your way home from the coffee shop or corner store.

There are blogs and YouTube channels that completely geek out about the details of flashlights like these, I encourage you to look towards them for the gritty details. I do think a couple higher end flashlights are fairly indispensable pieces of kit for those of us trying to do some of out outandabouting under our own power.


About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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