Weather Radio

FC5EC448-FA16-4645-83E2-A22FBAA9D36AA weather radio or two is good piece of kit for anyone that that’s doing their outandabouting via bicycle or feet or might need to get official updates about the latest outbreak once the zombie apocalypse kicks off.

My dad was a commercial fisherman when I was a kid and we usually had weather radio on on the boat if we were heading out and WR was usually  in the background off and on wherever fisherman gathered. Later on in life I always checked in on the forecast while helping to lead sea kayaking trips. Nowadays, living in Wisconsin, it’s nice to have my radio set to “alert” when the weather starts looking dicey or when I’m out on a bike ride, so I get a warning that I might need to start looking for a bit of shelter.

I use my phone for most weather checks these days, but strong storm cells can knock out cellphone reception, data reception can be iffy in the more out of the way places in the Midwest, my phone battery has a habit of dying right when I really need it, and, of course, severe weather can knock out cell towers, so it’s good to have a backup. Weather radio operates on very high frequency wavelengths and can transmit over long distances and though anything Mother Nature might throw your way and the batteries seem to last forever, so chances are it will be there and working when you need it.

There’s lots of info available about weather radio and the different kinds of receivers available on the internet; I encourage you to check it out. The little pocket sized receiver in the photo (Midland model HH50B) seems to hold up well and works for me.

About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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