A Hearty, Simple, and Local Lunch


Eating local, healthy, and hearty (gotta fuel those bike trips) doesn’t have to be a big deal, expensive, or anything complicated. This is a pretty typical lunch for me. The potatoes and onions were grown somewhere here in Wisconsin, I picked them up for dirt cheap at my local corner store. The sausage came from a local butcher shop that works with local farmers and is a pleasant 10 minute bicycle trip out of my way, their meats are always top notch and reasonably priced. Some salt, dried parsley, and sweet vermouth that I braised the sausage and onions in are the only parts of lunch that aren’t local. Most of time it took to cook this was just it simmering away on the stove and me making sure nothing dried out or burned. With a little label reading and hunting around this sort of thing becomes second nature and it beats eating fast food or microwaved crap.


About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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