Getting Around Using Pedals: To The Grocery Store

The grocery store a stones throw away from my apartment is undergoing a change in ownership and is currently closed. So, for the time being most of my groceries are fetched from stores 2.5 & 4.5 miles away. In my neighborhood there’s a little co-op that sells things like yummy eggs from local small farmers and a corner store where I pick up apples and bananas, but for all my bigger trips I bike it out of my neighborhood.

I checked the time before heading home from the store 2.5 miles from me with 4 big bags of groceries this morning; the trip took me 13-14 minutes. Cycling was at an easy, non-sweaty pace and, other than crossing one busy arterial (zero cars on it this morning), was on neighborhood streets with little traffic. Clothing wise, I was just wearing normal street clothes (50 degrees out) with the addition of full finger cycling gloves and a helmet.

For 4 bags of groceries you need more than just a backpack and handlebars to hang sacks from. I have a smallish set of panniers for my bike’s rear rack and a small front basket. The groceries filled all of it, but were easy to balance and weren’t a problem to get home.

For this size of trip you do need to make a little bit of an investment in bike racks and bags, but this sort of trip is easily doable and at sub 15 minutes each way the time investment isn’t a big deal.

Rating: with a small investment in gear, easily doable.


About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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