Getting Around Using Pedals: to the library

Getting around on foot and bicycle will be a recurring theme on this blog. I’m interested in talking about what’s feasible and do-able for most of us as far as getting around. I know that people move refrigerators, couches, and entire apartments via bicycles, and I think that’s fantastic. But, what I’m interested in is the more mundane everyday stuff and what’s doable for average folks that happen to have a bike or want to walk, not what the Super Cyclists are doing.

For this post I also wanted to figure out how to post pictures, so there they are.

Anyway, two trips to the library, call it 11-13 minutes travel time, in mid-30 degree weather. Doable? Absolutely. No need to fire up the car for this trip. My pace for both of these was casual, no sweating or heavy breathing required. Cargo wise a handful of library books is easy to transport requiring no specialized gear. Staying warm and comfortable while biking in mid 30’s temperatures is easy, anything that will keep you warm walking in these temps will also keep you warm on your bike, but you do have to think about the extra wind from biking, so gloves and some sort of jacket that will block the wind are needed and you might want to keep your ears covered up.


Rating: easily doable with no extra gear needed.

About Michael

A middle aged guy from a bit north of the middle of the country.
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